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  • What kind of person comes to artbreak™?

    artbreak™ was designed as an educational travel option for adults who value artistic and cultural achievement, and who thrive on high-quality life experiences that expand their horizons. Our participants include people from all walks of life and points of the compass, ranging in age from their mid-30s to mid-life to post-retirement, both couples and singles. The common denominator of artbreak™ participants is love of the arts - and joy in living.

  • What makes artbreak™ distinctive from other vacations?

    artbreak™ gives you a chance to experience a major arts capital in a way which, heretofore, only local citizens and long-term residents could. An artbreak™ week is a pleasurable, inspiring break from your regular routine, and an unsurpassed learning adventure. The lightly-structured small-group context of artbreak™ means you will not feel alone in a strange city, but neither will you feel like you're on a package tour. Additionally, the artbreak™ format lends itself to sustaining an extraordinarily friendly atmosphere, due to participants’ shared enthusiasm for the arts and the lively exchanges of ideas with artists. You also have plenty of time to explore the magical city on your own, or just relax: There’s no "If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium" feel to artbreak™.

  • What kind of evening performances will I attend?

    artbreak™ clients enjoy the best performing arts culture on offer - period. (Sadly, the vast majority of visitors to artbreak™ cities end up with tickets to lackluster events staged for tourists, which local people would never attend.) As an artbreak™ participant you will have great seats for world-class performances by renowned orchestras, chamber groups, plus opera and dance companies: whatever is the best available during your artbreak™ week. artbreak™ is a good value for the evening performances alone!

  • I love the arts and admire artists, but between making a living and raising a family, I have never had time to do art. Are artbreak™ morning arts classes suitable for novices like me?

    Morning at artbreak™ is not a "master class" for professional artists but a chance for ordinary people to relish the catharsis and fun of artistic expression. All artbreak™ morning workshops are designed to accomodate beginners. No prior experience or even prior interest is required – just a willingness to explore something new for a few days under the patient guidance of a master local artist. Nevertheless, if you do happen to be an accomplished artist, artbreak™ is a no-risk chance to try new media for expressing yourself, and for meeting artists in a different country.

  • In what language are the morning arts classes taught?

    Our morning arts classes are taught in English. A basic understanding of spoken English is helpful but not absolutely essential for most arts classes.

  • What is the format of the morning arts classes?

    Classes meet each morning for three hours, typically Monday through Friday for a six-day session, and are taught as small group workshops. Whether you are a first-timer or a skilled artist, your artbreak™ mornings give you a chance to try your hand at art in the company of artists who live locally (refer to the tour's page for more information on who will be leading your workshops). In our Prague artbreak sessions, we offer a series of daily lessons in different media, usually including sculpture, painting, collage, and film animation – and, weather permitting, a morning of painting outdoors. artbreak™ pays for your classroom studio materials: all you need to bring is yourself (though a camera and notebook are nice additions).

  • What opportunities will I have to connect with Czech artists?

    artbreak™ faculty (and special guests) are well-regarded local artists who share an ability to transmit their enthusiasm for their art and their extraordinary city to newcomers. artbreak™ participants have numerous occasions to see the local arts world through the eyes of practitioners. You also will quickly tap into "local knowledge" about how to spend your free time, so that you can pursue any special interest, whether it be tracking down an  architectural gem or a little-known gallery. Your arts-loving fellow participants can also be an invaluable part of your week: you’re very likely to make new friends at artbreak™.

  • You're offering something really different! What was the inspiration behind artbreak™?

    University research underscores that creative expression, learning, and a supportive community are the master keys to happiness. Despite this knowledge, the standard "vacation" is still designed around tanning at the beach, riding through a foreign city in a tour bus, or checking into an ocean-going hotel. Being passive and attending all-you-can-eat banquets may indeed feel wonderful for a couple of days, but sedentary living gets old fast. Not surprisingly, many people simply do not benefit from standard vacations: According to Harpers' Magazine, half of Americans report being more tired after a vacation than before. By comparison with typical vacations, artbreak™ is designed to facilitate a much more rewarding and enriching respite away from home and work.

  • What additional costs can I expect to incur?

    The artbreak™ price is "land only" and covers all non-discretionary expenses except lunches and dinners. (artbreak™ pays for the welcoming dinner and farewell lunch.) Knowing how frustrated most travelers get over being offered a choice of, say, pasta versus chicken, we decided against providing all meals and thereby avoid overly regimenting the artbreak™ format; this allows participants (adventurous by nature) the fun of exploring restaurant choices. There is a wide price range among eateries, and some are pleasantly inexpensive. An un-extravagant diner can expect to spend less than 150 euros for meals during an artbreak™ week in Prague, including tips.

  • artbreak™ is priced in Euros. Can I pay for artbreak™ with U.S. dollars, Euros, British pounds, or other currency? What will it cost in my own currency?

    If you are paying by international wire transfer your bank will quote you a Euros rate in your own currency. If you pay by credit card our bank will bill your credit card company the Euros amount due, and it will show up on your credit card invoice in your local currency (the web site can assist you calculate the current approximate cost of artbreak™ in your own currency).

  • Can I bring someone who isn't going to take part in artbreak™ events and classes?

    Yes. When you register on-line, simply let us know his or her name so we can advise the hotel that you will share your room. There will be a small additional charge for your companion's breakfast. Your friend will not be eligible for evening events or the morning arts classes, but will be welcome to attend the afternoon sherry hours. Rest assured, there will be plenty of time to go sightseeing together and share meals. However, lest your companion change his or her mind after arrival we strongly recommend that both of you sign up for artbreak™ as full participating members, and savor the week together.

  • What if I have special dietary requirements?

    Prague and other artbreak™ venues have essentially any kind of cuisine one prefers, including vegan restaurants. Let us know ahead of time if you have a special preference so we can provide you up-to-date recommendations.

  • Can I add extra days to my artbreak™?

    If you'd like to stay an extra day or two before or after artbreak™, let us know on your on-line registration form. We will do our best to make appropriate supplemental reservations for you. It will be your responsibility to pay the hotel for extra nights.

  • Should I consider obtaining travel insurance?

    Absolutely. The "Travel Tips" section of the artbreak™ web site contains links to providers of travel insurance. We recommend you obtain coverage for flight cancellation or interruption, health, and loss of luggage. Please note that some credit card companies offer travel insurance automatically when you purchase air tickets with their card. Contact your credit card provider for further details.

  • What if I'm traveling alone? Can I have a single room?

    The artbreak™ price is based on a special single-occupancy hotel rate, so you will always get a single room if you are attending alone. In other words, unlike most other travel companies, we do not charge a hefty "single supplement" if participants want their privacy. If you are coming to Prague with a non-participating companion, he or she can room with you at a nominal extra charge. If you are attending artbreak™ with someone else and plan to room together, your total artbreak™ price is discounted. artbreak™ does not provide a room-mate matching service.

  • My group is interested in chartering an artbreak™ session for our exclusive use. How do we proceed?

    artbreak™ can be an extraordinarily effective and enjoyable experience for groups such as university alumni and symphony patrons organizations, and also can be adapted to the needs of companies seeking a memorable "off-site" meeting. Simply contact us via e-mail and we will be happy to discuss this option with you.


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  • My wife and I haven’t had such a fun adventure in years. We never could have experienced Prague culture like this on our own. It was an unforgettably stimulating and at the same time relaxing trip for us. Bravo!

    Thomas R.
    Architect, Toronto, Canada
  • The perfect balance of the travelers’ opposites – discovery on your own and a peek into the insiders’ world. I would NEVER have found this on my own.

    Maryly S.
    Artist and retired Librarian, Berkeley, California, USA
  • Of course I will sing your praises!! How could I not?? It was an absolutely wonderful week!

    Fran G.
    Attorney, New York City, New York, USA
  • In retrospect, I am glad that we had a day before and after the scheduled events, to acclimate to the city before, and after, to pursue things we hadn't had an opportunity to get to.

    Manuel J.
    Financial Analyst, Salamanca, Spain
  • Here is what stands out for me: overcoming insecurity about making art in front of strangers; making art in companionship with people who are now on the same adventure.

    Maryly S.
    Artist and retired Librarian, Berkeley, California, USA
  • The trip was wonderful and I have so many wonderful memories and I appreciate all that you did for Judy and I. I have traveled a lot and this trip ranks high on my enjoyment scale.

    Janice S.
    RN, MS, New York City, USA
  • Memories of Artbreak are still very much with me. Thank you both for a lifetime experience. You were gracious hosts and your care and planning were much appreciated.

    Susan H.
    Princeton, New Jersey, USA
  • Thank you one and all for a GREAT week in Prague. I’ve had my ceramics glazed and fired and they look great. My children really loved the clay animation. 

    Sue S.
    Engineer and Homemaker, Doha, Quatar
  • Of all the vacations I have taken that included art this was by far the best! Anytime you want to use me as a reference, feel free.

    Sandra M.
    Governmental Affairs Consultant, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Of course the city itself is a wonder; but I doubt if I would have come to love it so if not for the experience you and Doug have so carefully, thoroughly and lovingly crafted.

    Mary Ann F.
    Chiropractor, Palo Alto, California, USA
  • I'm thrilled I went – Artbreak expanded my horizons and re-energized me creatively by providing a totally unique, personalized, deeply engaging experience that I'll never forget.

    Jeff F.
    Marketing Consultant, Boston, Massachusetts USA


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